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Sugary sickness of the vomit on the beach.

Each teardrop so painful it might as well be of blood.

So many things to say,

All those things to suppress.

The surface of my faken tranquility,

Only disturbed when no one’s to witness.



This is the bittersweet illness
of which I wish not be healed:
a fever of sighs and sleepless nights,
a frenzy of a heart falling apart.

This torment of mine
to be kept close or afar?
Those hazel eyes
still keeping me awake at night.

What for, may I ask?
What ought to be achieved?
I have no God to replace my Laura,
no policy dearer than my Stella.

Does it take shit to make bliss?
Should I suffer for my art?
Why love, of all things?
The most mocking, least dignified?

A limbo of agony and desire,
Yet what I most dread
is for the flames to die out
and the burn to be forgotten.


Staggering down the filthy streets
individuals of various class:
lass and lad, young and old,
searching for an amusement
from the black stone jungle
its pavements glistening with urine.
Come and experience!
No one will be left out:
Teens drowning on Karhu and Apple Joe’s,
Millenials feasting on underground beats,
For the rest, an all-you-can-eat
buffet of imported Slavic goods.
Coffee shops for the cultivated,
A breadline for the famished!
Watering holes, drift shops,
An occasional knife.
Thai-massages with happy ends!
Booze and shit,
Amphetamine and piss:
the bleak selection of Kallio district.

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Due to some recent changes WordPress has introduced on reading settings, I am very unhappy and you should be unhappy as well.

You should all be familiar with the reader. It’s where all your posts go when you publish them and it’s where (I’d assume) most of your readers come from. The reader is supposed to be your valued friend.

Not too long ago, you could change the way your post appears in Reader. You could either have the full blog post appear on the Reader or a short excerpt with a link to your blog, where the full post would be available to read. Now this option has been removed in order to “improve experience for the readers” in Reader. Instead, Reader will now by default show an excerpt of your post in the feed clicking of which will open up the full post in Reader.

You may now…

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ResCinema: The Philosophers/After The Dark (2014)


After my partner saw the film The Philosophers (2014), I was asked to watch it as well as he wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. Having never heard of the movie and only finding out that it’s about an Indonesian philosophy class imagining the end of world –scenario, I imagined it might be a foreign indie flick that might be a bit heavier in its themes than I was in the mood for that evening. Boy, was I wrong.

Despite the film being set in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are introduced to our main characters (some bland faced chick and the spoiled rich kid villain from The Purge) having a cuddly scene in the most lavishly decorated room that has as much personality as a hotel room. But no, this is James’ room. And he’s a senior. But in all honesty, the white sheets of his bed suit perfectly with his bland personality.

We soon find our characters in a philosophy class of James D’Arcy, who proposes a thought experiment to end the course and thus their last session before college with. Like any real teacher, he basically blackmails his unwilling students to take part in it. And like any real students, there is not one person in the class who from then on isn’t completely committed to D’Arcy’s fantasies of a life in a bunker, where they all must shag one another in order to guarantee the future of the human race.

The premise of the scenario is simple: you are 21 people and there’s a bunker with room and supplies to provide for 10. You are under a time constraint, have limited information on your colleagues and you must decide who gets to be inside the cosy bunker instead of suffering a painful death.

Because D’Arcy is an asshole, he introduces himself as the “wild card”, whose skills and talents are unknown to the students and he repeatedly abuses this power by fucking things up in their made-up scenarios. The students, nevertheless, seem fine with it and never question whether this is just D’Arcy’s plan to make his female students imagine being impregnated by him. Due to unknown reasons, the students are unable to separate themselves from the characters they’ve been assigned in this experiment. Because of this cluster fuck of assigned roles and their real wants and wishes as human beings, we witness the drama of the film unfold, as the now-gay-Purge guy will just have to deal with D’Arcy fantasy-screwing his girlfriend in another room.

It isn’t until their third trial that the students start to play this game the way D’Arcy does and actually manage to live it out in a way in which they survive through the year in a bunker. This they do by ditching logic or “philosophy” as our clearly qualified D’Arcy might call it and by simply choosing the people that might be most entertaining to live with. D’Arcy is mad but defeated for his stupid attempt at game theory. Oh, sorry, I mean “philosophy”.

And it turns out that he was just mad at the Purge kid screwing his ex. Why does it seem like D’Arcy always plays a teacher who is romantically involved with a student? Yikes.

Visually, most of the film is kind of crappy CGI but these fantasy-bunkers and Armageddon-settings are creative. Therefore it is kind of a shame to see an original idea being screwed up so horribly. There seemed to be no other reason for the film to be based in Jakarta except for a couple of nice shots, especially when this “international school” seemed only to consist of students out of English speaking countries. But I guess I could be wrong since I only saw the German dub.

As for the acting, I guess it was ok. D’Arcy was delightfully maniacal but rest of the cast seemed to be written as nothing more than clever students with a handful of ideas. Each character could’ve been easily replaced by another, and by the end of the film, the only personality most of the students were given were the roles they were assigned with for this thought experiment. They even have no character in relationship to each other.

Final verdict: it’s dumb but it’s enjoyable. Nice visuals, bad CGI.

Random Facts:

  • Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) was in this film
  • Cinta Laura (Kiehl) actually went to an international school in Jakarta. And happened to be born close to where I now live. It’s a small world.
  • Rosie Larsen of the Killing was in this film
  • The boy actor from the original Spy Kids film is the only one to deserve an A for his use of game theory in this film


Another poem. Please forgive me.

Her compact wooden instrument
sitting silently on her lap.
Its body made of curly birch
and the strings of her flaxen braid,
the shiny precious kantele
modern yet endlessly ancient
has yet to sing the bygone past,
to delight the withering woods.
Her milky white fingers toying
gently with the silky fine threads,
the melodic notes rising out
like the swallows celebrating
on the eve of the midnight sun.
She sings her liquid lullaby
hoping her husky harmonies
will one time carry her away
to the meadows of Väinölä,
to the plains of Kalevala,
to a land of myth and saga.

The Hunting Season

Black mad talons
digging into the flesh of my prey.
Dig them deep as they bleed,
Dig them deep as they try to flee!

Shiny scruffy feathers
bestrewn over our autumn bed.
Pluck their eyes as they beg,
Pluck their hearts into a bloody wreck!

Smell of earth and rot,
a body pulsing with shock,
in woods desolate, ill-lit
his sweat mixed with my spit.
His nails biting into my soil,
choking on his turmoil
fighting the embraces of his captor
with sighs bordering on rapture.