I’m an unpublished author, a student, a pessimist, an internet mass consumer, a European, a millennial, a part-time employee, a tomboy, an intellectual snob, an atheist and that weird person you overhear saying that The Angry Birds Movie was actually a sceptic’s view on European immigration politics. I always see a problem somewhere and seem incapable of committing myself to anything fully. It’s therefore highly likely that I will abandon this blog for months only to return suddenly as if I had never been away. And of course, I will never apologise to my readers for it. I’m a bit of a prick that way.

This blog is/was intended to be temporary. Having earlier written a blog titled The Idle European, which I will probably come back to, I thought it was better to simply “free write” and publish here whatever I might feel like publishing. Maybe one day I will know what I will want to focus on. You as a reader can influence my decision by commenting on the posts you like. Feel free to tell me if something sucks. I can handle it.

What will I be posting then? Right now I have some poems and film reviews waiting to be published. The Idle European is where I comment on contemporary issues and post essays. If that’s what floats your boat, you should probably check it out instead.

If you want to collaborate, I’ll consider it. Any requests of the sort can be sent to my email rescatooor@gmail.com. Fair use applies to my content, anything else is negotiable.